Telemarketing is not a quick fix

When you ask a company about telemarketing …..the reply is often ” we tried and it didn’t work ! ” OK….so the next question is how long did you try it for ? It is a long term approach to your marketing and is definitely not a quick fix. Sure you might get lucky and pick up the odd one or two deals, but for it to really be successful you need to give it time and persevere.

How long ? at least a year……You are trying to market your company and your brand, probably to people who have never heard of your your company and it is an investment in time and money. But, once you have got the ball rolling and started nurturing some good contacts and leads it will be best your ever did.

Trust me I am a telemarketer !


Where are those business cards ?

So you have exhibited at a show or you have been to a business show ? Hopefully it went well and you and your staff were rushed off your feet. If you think it did go well there should have been a few things that should have happened.

  • You had some great conversations with decision makers who are interested in buying from you and your company
  • You have collected lots of business cards from people who are interested or want to find out more
  • You have collected business cards from influencers or other members of staff who will need to report back to their boss
  • You have collected business cards from people who would like to sell to you

So what have you done with all those cards and useful contacts ? Have you loaded them onto a spreadsheet or put them onto your crm system ?

Have you called all your leads within a week of the show finishing ?

If you have answered “no not yet ” then the show you exhibited at have visited might have been an expensive waste of time and money. People have short memories so get on the phone to all your new contacts and arrange some meetings before they forget all about you or even worse they have bought from one of your competitors.

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Be Patient ….it will happen

So you have made hundreds of calls, gone on some meetings and ………….nothing.  It will take time. Sales is a two way process and it is very much about building relationships. That will take time.

So carry on making you calls, being professional, not getting frustrated, follow up on all your sales leads and eventually those orders will start coming through.

There will always be people who say ” telemarketing is dead” or telemarketing doesn’t work ” but those people are one’s who don’t have the guts to pick up the phone and introduce themselves to total strangers…..but you do and you are one that will reap those benefits. Good things are worth waiting for –  so be patient and keep telemarketing.

Be Polite at All Times !

We are all guilty of making assumptions that are usually based on our own perception of the world. When we are telemarketing, those assumptions can be disastrous. I have listed some of those below and you can make your own mind up as to why they are on the list

  • A young voice means a junior employee
  • If a woman answers the phone she is a receptionist
  • An older voice means a part time employee
  • Any one who answers the phone is not important
  • Directors don’t answer the phone because they are too important

So taking a snooty attitude with the person who answers the phone can have awful consequences, particularly if you have announced which company you are from. Take heed.

The sound of your voice will be music to some peoples ears….

I recently watched a film called The Secret. Very interesting and fascinating viewing. It did get me thinking…. how many times do we assume that something bad is going to happen and then eventually it does ?

I can be as negative as the next person… sometimes when I am calling prospects, for no reason I start thinking that when I get through I am going to get a telling off or the prospect is going to hang up on me, and very occasionally  that  happens, more often than not though, the lady or gentleman on the other end are perfectly nice and pleasant.

Sometimes the sound of my voice is the sound of someone who could help them. If I am calling for one of my IT clients or one of my accountancy clients, I am the person who is introducing a potential solution to the challenges the prospect is facing.

Do you see where I am going with this ? Don’t assume that every person you call is going to think you are a nuisance cold caller…..often you are the provider of a solution and the sound of your voice will be music to their ears.

So what are you waiting for ? …..pick up the phone !

Rang your customers recently ?

An odd question ?  Think about it…..your customers place orders, pay the bill, place some more orders….hopefully. Some will carry on ordering, some will stop and not buy again for ages and then start again… so when was the last time you just picked up the phone to your customers and said ” hi how is it going ? How is business ? Is everything ok in your life ?


Calling your customers may make them feel that you care and are interested in them but also may unearth new information, which may lead to more business in the future (depends on what you do ) but may also avoid any unwanted surprises.

What do I mean by that …..well asking how is business and getting a reply ” it’s terrible not sure where the next order is coming from ” may elicit sympathy from you, but it may also make you check if they have paid their last bill and cautious about accepting any more work from them.

On the flip side, a customer may tell you that business is booming, they are moving to bigger premises, taking on more staff…….and again depending on what business you are, may give you the heads up on potentially more work.

A phone call might lead to nothing more that a few pleasant minutes, discussing the weather or the next holiday and that is a conversation that is worth having as well.

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Take a break from making phonecalls

What ever you do don’t sit at your desk all day and not move. Do your calling in manageable chunks.

Set aside two hours, get your self a drink, a pen and a notebook, make sure your chair is comfortable and start calling.

Don’t let yourself get distracted, concentrate on your calling and stay at your desk for the full two hours. Once time is up, get up from your desk and go for a walk around the building, get another drink, stretch your legs and don’t go back to your desk for at least 10 minutes. Then if you have planned to do a whole day’s calling – go back to your desk and do another two hours.

Telemarketing is tiring on the mind and the body, so make sure you take a break.