You need somewhere to store it

When I was in the process of starting my telemarketing company, I was discussing some of the tools that I needed to buy to help my run my company and do a good job.

The obvious was  good phone system,  a computer, pens, paper, a kettle……I had some data, but as soon as I mentioned a CRM system …..” what do you need that for – just use a spread sheet ” If you are serious about telemarketing you will need a proper CRM system, its basically a piece of software, usually cloud based, that helps you manage your calling and unless you are a super star  Excel expert – managing the calls, the call backs, the requests for emails, the do not call records will be a nightmare.

You will get yourself confused, lose information and even worse call people twice in the same day by accident, forget to save…its not worth it and as I said there are plently of inexpensive cloud based systems.

The system I use, keeps my data in separate areas, so I can save it by client or by project. So if you want to call Purchasing Managers who work in engineering companies in Stockport, you can store all the relevant data, it will remind you when an agreed call back is due, grade your leads in importance and lots of other cool features.

Prices for CRM systems start from about £15.00 per month up to hundreds, most will give you some sort of free trial. So Google CRM systems and find one that is right for your purposes.

If all this seems like too much hard work and effort, get a professional telemarketing company to do it for you. Total Recall are brilliant because it’s my company – is where you can find out all about us





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