If you build it they will come…..

Many well established companies have a database of contacts that they have built up over a period of time. These can be ex customers, referrals and prospects. Sales teams will call them or contact them via the phone , email or post to try to sell them products and services.

If you are a new company and want to increase sales and build your business you will need to build lists of prospects and contacts as well. So where do you start?

  • You can buy data – there are lots of companies happy to sell you opted in data that you can use to send emails or letters to.
  • Have a look through all those business cards you have collected over the years and them in to your data base.
  • Have a look at customers who no longer order…..can you revisit them ?
  • If you are on Linkedin – ask your contacts if you add them to your data base.
  • If you have contacts in Outlook – transfer them over
  • When you visit exhibitions or events, make sure the business cards you collect are added on to your database.

So the ideas above should give you plenty to be going on with. Just make sure you keep it up to date and that the email addresses are correct. A database is a living breathing entity and you need to feed it regularly with fresh new contacts and keep it clean by removing dormant or dead companies or adding new contacts as they arise. If you know a contact has left  the company, take him off and put the new person’s name in. Don’t keep it in your head…….sorry to bang on about this, but it is important.

Once you think you have enough, then you can decide how you are going to contact them, either by phone or by email or letter. If they have social media accounts like Linkedin or Twitter, you can contact them that way as well.

If you need help building a database, contact 01827 302848 or visit our website for more information. Click on the link to visit the web page about list building  Build a database list







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