Quality is King

You have a list of data that you have built up. You might have bought some from a data house, added contacts from events and networking, ex customers etc. and it is all ready to go into your CRM system for you to work on.

Before you do anything – check it carefully for duplications. Once data is loaded onto CRM sysems, it can be tricky to delete. Best get it right in the first place.

Once it is on there, keep it up to date but also if possible make sure that you have first name and the surname. You might know that it is Mike at Smith & Sons, but if you wanted to do a hard copy mailer, you wouldn’t address an envelope to him with just his first name on would you. Have a field for Ms or Mr. or make sure that their name is spelt out in full. Many Asian first names – its not always obvious what the gender is – so if you find out before put it into your system.

Make sure the job title is filled and the email address. Get the postal address right as well. If every thing is accurate to start with, it is natural you will want to keep it that way. Try not to use abbrevations in the address. Make sure the phone number includes the area code.

If all the fields in your CRM system are filled in correctly, it will be easier to call from and to mail from. When you add new records, anything that is not complete will stand out like a sore thumb

If you decide to use a telemarketing agency, you can export the data and send it over to the telemarketer, confident that the data is as accurate and as clean as it can be. This means that every call will count and they not wasting time with wrong numbers.

If this sounds too daunting or you are too busy contact 01827 302848 andwe will be happy to quote to do the work for you.


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