When are the worst times to call ?

I was discussing this question with  friends who are not a telemarketers. Their reaction was interesting.  I have listed below the Top Ten so called worst times to call.

  • Before 10.00am – you need to give people time to get in and settle at their desks
  • Between 1.00 and 2.00 they will be at lunch
  • Just after 2.00 – they might not be at their desks yet
  • Just before home time – they will be in a rush to leave
  • Friday afternoon – no one is interested in doing anything on a Friday afternoon
  • Any week of the year where there is a bank holiday
  • July and August – every one is on holiday
  • December – People are too busy preparing for Christmas
  • Mid – morning. People are in meetings
  • Mid- afternoons. People are in meetings.

So when is the best time to call ? ANY TIME DURING THE WORKING DAY !

When all the other people are making assumptions,  this is your chance to get ahead of the game. Make your calls when everyone else is making their excuses. Not every one is on holiday, not every one takes lunch or leaves the office, not everyone leaves early on Friday. So pick up the phone and get ahead of your competition.

However, if all this seem like too much hard work – give me a call on 01827 302848 or visit www.totalrecallbusiness.co.uk and I will do the telemarketing for you.




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