Keep it short and sweet….

I have just sent over details for a meeting I have made for a new client. He is going to send a confirmation to the prospect. All he needs to put is a short note thanking the prospect for agreeing to meet on this day at that time.

So what happens ? He sends out War & Peace. A complete sales pitch and with several PDF’s attached. Even if the email gets through the firewalls with all those attachements, there is a very good chance that meeting might not go ahead. He has given loads of information with no answers to questions to the prospects questions. So the prospect will answer the questions for himself and decide the product is not for him..potentially the this could cancel and all that hard work will have gone to waste.

So if you are telemarketing your service or product, save the sales pitch for the meeting.

If all this sounds far too much like hard work – visit

Give us a call is even better on 01827 302848


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