Right first time – be prepared

If you are going to appoint a telemarketing company to do some calling for you, there is some work you need to do. A good telemarketer will prepare for calling a new client and if that is you, then you need to prepare as well. So first things first……

  • What do you want to achieve ? ……….this is an obvious question, but you need to think about this. Do you want face to face meetings, telephone meetings, agreement to visit a website ? It’s very important that you let your TMA know what you expect.


  • What about data ? ………..who is supplying it, what information will it contain. The very minimum should be Company name, Contact name and Telephone number. If you are supplying the data, ask your TMA how they want the data.


  • Diaries ?……..are they printed out, electronic, finger in the air ?


  • What is your message ?………what message are you trying to get across , what do you want to say ?


  • Who is going on the meeting ?…………..That needs to be decided in advance and you need to let the people who are attending what is going on.


  • Confirmation ?………….if meetings need to be confirmed, who is doing that, this needs to be decided in advance of calling.

Telemarketing is a difficult job, and you need to give yourself and the Telemarketing agency the best possible chance to succeed. So good preparation is the key to success.

If you need advice from a top class telemarketing agency about how to prepare for a campaign, call Total Recall Business Services Limited and we will point you in the right direction. 01827 302848 or visit www.totalrecallbusiness.co.uk





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