It’s just Head Trash !!

It’s what now ? Head trash ? What’s that ?

Head Trash are the voices that mutter and whisper inside your head and stop you picking up the phone.

We all have them – even me. I don’t like ringing mobile phones.

I come an era when a person’s mobile phone number was a private as the code to  his safe and I am still convinced that if I ring someone on their mobile phone when they did not supply me with the number,  I will get a sound telling off from them. I don’t want to be yelled at or told off and so I ponder and worry about dialling that 07 number.

Other people don’t like ringing someone if they only rang them a couple of days ago, some people won’t call before 10.00 am or after 5.00 because they think for some reason they are going to get told off.

Now the mad thing is this is… one has ever told me off or demanded to know how I got their mobile number …..ever !! It is all in my head and it will be in yours as well. It’s just nonsense and head trash that is stopping you from making that call. Just pick up the phone…’s only a phone.


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