How many calls do I have to make ?

When I talk to people about what I do for a living they are always surprised when I tell them how many phonecalls I have to make to get the results my customers want.

I need to make to generate some quality leads and set up some appointments so it’s between 70 to 100 per day. That should get  some leads to follow up on later and an appointment every other day hopefully ! There are no guarantees in this business.

So if you are going to give this a go yourself…..get  a drink of water, a pad and some pens, no disturbances for at least a few hours and give it a go. You will need some data as well. Don’t forget to be polite and professional at all times, even if they give you a hard time…. and some people will give you a hard time. Take no notice and move on. Concentrate on what your message and the number of calls you are making per hour.

Telemarketing is hard work, so just stick with it and settle it to it, you will soon get some good results. Of course if all this looks like too much for you, we can take over and do it for you. Contact 01827 302848 or visit



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