Be Nice !

It is a commonly held assumption  ( an incorrect one) that the person who picks up the phone when you ring,  is not an important person within that organization.

When I say important – I mean that they  are ” just the receptionist ”  Most of the the time the phone will be answered by a woman – inexperienced telemarketers or ones who should know better quite often will be abrupt or evasive because they they think she is ” just the receptionist ” Here is who she could be ……..

  1. The MD or CEO …. just walking past the desk and decides to answer the phone
  2. The FD or Company Secretary …….same as  above
  3. The General Manager…..same as above
  4. The  PA ……( doesn’t bear thinking about )
  5. The Office Manager……as above
  6. The Production Manager….
  7. The Sales Director….or any senior position in that company

Or the person who answers the phone could be……

  1. The Md’s Wife
  2. His Sister
  3. His Mother
  4. His Aunty
  5. Her Husband
  6. Her Brother
  7. Her uncle
  8. Or any other relation

Or she or he could be the receptionist……

How do you know ? The short answer is you don’t. Treat every one who answers the phone with courtesy and respect, they ALL  deserve it to be spoken to professionally and don’t assume anything.





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