Be Prepared……

If you are going to telemarket, you need some idea of what your going to say….so you need to have a script. Without  a bit of planning, you could end up stuttering and burbling ….the person on the other end will hang up or transfer you to accounts.

Now, I am sure you have read about telemarting companies saying their guys use an unscripted conversational approach, but more than likely they are more experienced than you and they will some idea of what they they are going to say…..they will have a script, be it written down somewhere, or in their head.

Each call needs to have a structure….a beginning ( which needs to be short and to the point…..a middle ( delivering your message and also to the point ) and an end….i.e. What do you want to achieve. Is it an agreement to a meeting or an email….or closing a sale.

So before you pick the phone, plan what you are going to say and what you want to achieve. If all this seems like far too much trouble call 01827 302848 or visit and we can do it for you.


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