Rang your customers recently ?

An odd question ?  Think about it…..your customers place orders, pay the bill, place some more orders….hopefully. Some will carry on ordering, some will stop and not buy again for ages and then start again… so when was the last time you just picked up the phone to your customers and said ” hi how is it going ? How is business ? Is everything ok in your life ?


Calling your customers may make them feel that you care and are interested in them but also may unearth new information, which may lead to more business in the future (depends on what you do ) but may also avoid any unwanted surprises.

What do I mean by that …..well asking how is business and getting a reply ” it’s terrible not sure where the next order is coming from ” may elicit sympathy from you, but it may also make you check if they have paid their last bill and cautious about accepting any more work from them.

On the flip side, a customer may tell you that business is booming, they are moving to bigger premises, taking on more staff…….and again depending on what business you are, may give you the heads up on potentially more work.

A phone call might lead to nothing more that a few pleasant minutes, discussing the weather or the next holiday and that is a conversation that is worth having as well.

If you have lots of customers and not much time, then ring us and see if we can help on 01827 302848



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