Where are those business cards ?

So you have exhibited at a show or you have been to a business show ? Hopefully it went well and you and your staff were rushed off your feet. If you think it did go well there should have been a few things that should have happened.

  • You had some great conversations with decision makers who are interested in buying from you and your company
  • You have collected lots of business cards from people who are interested or want to find out more
  • You have collected business cards from influencers or other members of staff who will need to report back to their boss
  • You have collected business cards from people who would like to sell to you

So what have you done with all those cards and useful contacts ? Have you loaded them onto a spreadsheet or put them onto your crm system ?

Have you called all your leads within a week of the show finishing ?

If you have answered “no not yet ” then the show you exhibited at have visited might have been an expensive waste of time and money. People have short memories so get on the phone to all your new contacts and arrange some meetings before they forget all about you or even worse they have bought from one of your competitors.

If you need someone else to do it for you visit http://www.totalrecallbusiness.co.uk


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