Be Prepared……

If you are going to telemarket, you need some idea of what your going to say….so you need to have a script. Without  a bit of planning, you could end up stuttering and burbling ….the person on the other end will hang up or transfer you to accounts.

Now, I am sure you have read about telemarting companies saying their guys use an unscripted conversational approach, but more than likely they are more experienced than you and they will some idea of what they they are going to say…..they will have a script, be it written down somewhere, or in their head.

Each call needs to have a structure….a beginning ( which needs to be short and to the point…..a middle ( delivering your message and also to the point ) and an end….i.e. What do you want to achieve. Is it an agreement to a meeting or an email….or closing a sale.

So before you pick the phone, plan what you are going to say and what you want to achieve. If all this seems like far too much trouble call 01827 302848 or visit and we can do it for you.


Be Nice !

It is a commonly held assumption  ( an incorrect one) that the person who picks up the phone when you ring,  is not an important person within that organization.

When I say important – I mean that they  are ” just the receptionist ”  Most of the the time the phone will be answered by a woman – inexperienced telemarketers or ones who should know better quite often will be abrupt or evasive because they they think she is ” just the receptionist ” Here is who she could be ……..

  1. The MD or CEO …. just walking past the desk and decides to answer the phone
  2. The FD or Company Secretary …….same as  above
  3. The General Manager…..same as above
  4. The  PA ……( doesn’t bear thinking about )
  5. The Office Manager……as above
  6. The Production Manager….
  7. The Sales Director….or any senior position in that company

Or the person who answers the phone could be……

  1. The Md’s Wife
  2. His Sister
  3. His Mother
  4. His Aunty
  5. Her Husband
  6. Her Brother
  7. Her uncle
  8. Or any other relation

Or she or he could be the receptionist……

How do you know ? The short answer is you don’t. Treat every one who answers the phone with courtesy and respect, they ALL  deserve it to be spoken to professionally and don’t assume anything.




How many calls do I have to make ?

When I talk to people about what I do for a living they are always surprised when I tell them how many phonecalls I have to make to get the results my customers want.

I need to make to generate some quality leads and set up some appointments so it’s between 70 to 100 per day. That should get  some leads to follow up on later and an appointment every other day hopefully ! There are no guarantees in this business.

So if you are going to give this a go yourself…..get  a drink of water, a pad and some pens, no disturbances for at least a few hours and give it a go. You will need some data as well. Don’t forget to be polite and professional at all times, even if they give you a hard time…. and some people will give you a hard time. Take no notice and move on. Concentrate on what your message and the number of calls you are making per hour.

Telemarketing is hard work, so just stick with it and settle it to it, you will soon get some good results. Of course if all this looks like too much for you, we can take over and do it for you. Contact 01827 302848 or visit



It’s just Head Trash !!

It’s what now ? Head trash ? What’s that ?

Head Trash are the voices that mutter and whisper inside your head and stop you picking up the phone.

We all have them – even me. I don’t like ringing mobile phones.

I come an era when a person’s mobile phone number was a private as the code to  his safe and I am still convinced that if I ring someone on their mobile phone when they did not supply me with the number,  I will get a sound telling off from them. I don’t want to be yelled at or told off and so I ponder and worry about dialling that 07 number.

Other people don’t like ringing someone if they only rang them a couple of days ago, some people won’t call before 10.00 am or after 5.00 because they think for some reason they are going to get told off.

Now the mad thing is this is… one has ever told me off or demanded to know how I got their mobile number …..ever !! It is all in my head and it will be in yours as well. It’s just nonsense and head trash that is stopping you from making that call. Just pick up the phone…’s only a phone.

Listen to what other people say

As the owner of a business I get contacted all the time by telemarketers. I am very busy and usually tempted to say ( politely) that I am not interested.

But often I taken the time to listen and try and find if there is any about their calling style that I think I can use in my pitch.

Often I am appalled as to how badly people come over on the phone. Many sound patronising and unprofessional, but occasionally I pick up some great ways of introducing myself or closing for a request for a meeting.

You should do the same. Next time some one telemarkets you, take the call and listen to what and how they are delivering their companies message……you might learn something.

10 reasons why you need clean data

I know have written about this before, but if you are going to make sucsess of telemarketing you need to make sure your data is as clean as it can be. Ringing out  of date lists can have some embarrasing consequences. Here are examples ( they are all true ) Names have been changed to protect the innocent !

  1.  He was our MD but he passed away over 5 years ago
  2.  He left 2 years ago.
  3. The company went into liquidation 2 years ago.
  4. Mr S…..does not work here – his wife is the MD if you want to speak to her ?
  5. Mr S… no longer the owner …..he sold the company three years ago
  6. I have just turned up to that meeting you made ……it’s the wrong address, they are on the other side of town now
  7. No he is not responsible for purchasing paperclips. Mr Jones is the Group Chairman
  8. Thank you for explaining the details of your company to me, but I m not the MD/FD, I am responsible for security at the gate.
  9. “Yes I did receive your information in the post – you spelt my name wrong”
  10. “I didn’t get your email – sure you have the right address ?”

If any of the above ring a bell, you need to clean your data. Getting this wrong means you will fail at the first hurdle which will be trying to get the receptionist or PA to put you through. Your credibility will be shot and you will be regarded as just sales person who didn’t do their research.

If this sounds like too much hard work or too time consuming give me a call at Total Recall Business Services Ltd on 01827 302848


Try it ! You might like it !

As you sit at your desk working on your business, you may well be planning and forecasting as to where the next orders are coming from. You will no doubt be signing up work from existing customers, you will have some outstanding quotes that you can follow up on and some leads that need to be chased.

There are all sorts of ways of generating new business, but even in this day of tweeting, blogging, facebooking, there is nothing as effective as a professionally made phonecall.

One call to the decision maker of a company you want to work with can make all the difference to your order book. Imagine what seven hundred calls can do.

If all those phonecalls are something that you can’t face doing, call a professional telemarketing company like us. We will make those calls and get you those leads. Give us a try and contact 01827 302848 or visit our website  to find out more.



What do you expect ?

We were recently in conversation with a Business Development Manager who was interested using us to get him some meetings.

I said we could help – He said he had a small database of 145 companies. That is a couple days work so I gave him a price and he said he would go back to him MD and ask for the budget.

Two days later, he came back and said the MD had said no to our proposal because he wouldn’t be able to cope with going to 145 meetings ??



Right first time – be prepared

If you are going to appoint a telemarketing company to do some calling for you, there is some work you need to do. A good telemarketer will prepare for calling a new client and if that is you, then you need to prepare as well. So first things first……

  • What do you want to achieve ? ……….this is an obvious question, but you need to think about this. Do you want face to face meetings, telephone meetings, agreement to visit a website ? It’s very important that you let your TMA know what you expect.


  • What about data ? ………..who is supplying it, what information will it contain. The very minimum should be Company name, Contact name and Telephone number. If you are supplying the data, ask your TMA how they want the data.


  • Diaries ?……..are they printed out, electronic, finger in the air ?


  • What is your message ?………what message are you trying to get across , what do you want to say ?


  • Who is going on the meeting ?…………..That needs to be decided in advance and you need to let the people who are attending what is going on.


  • Confirmation ?………….if meetings need to be confirmed, who is doing that, this needs to be decided in advance of calling.

Telemarketing is a difficult job, and you need to give yourself and the Telemarketing agency the best possible chance to succeed. So good preparation is the key to success.

If you need advice from a top class telemarketing agency about how to prepare for a campaign, call Total Recall Business Services Limited and we will point you in the right direction. 01827 302848 or visit